Comparison of BWB versus ATS
My BWB from Charan Associates co.,ltd.
My ATS from Scientific Promotion co.,ltd.
1.) BWB is too simple to use.
Only connect to LPG tank and go.
1.) ATS has many substitute instrument
to connect in the proceed.
2.) BWB easy to lit up the flame.
Just open gas tap and go.
2.) ATI has to adjust air pressure gauge
and gas level to the specific to start the flame
3.) Numbers on keypad more than enough
that make it easier to cover the experiment process.
3.) Limited keypad for only 4 points
make it confuse in the process
4. Without PC connection with it's programe.
BWB can make multipoint calibration.
4.) Without PC connection with it's programe
ATS can only make single point Lowcal Hical calibration
This comparison is base on only my opinion by using both laboratory instruments almost everyday.For their special properties that may flavour your interest,please contact your supplier for more information
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